At Roberta Roller Rabbit we're always dreaming of our next great escape. We let the places we love inspire the things we make. That's why our prints are exotic, our colors are bright and our fabrics are incredibly soft. We believe that handmade and well made are synonyms, that the most crowded table is always the happiest. Our greatest adventures happen when we're surrounded by family and friends. And for us, a rich life is a colorful one.

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The Roberta Roller Rabbit story began with a scrap of fabric found in Jaipur, India. It featured the scribbled tale of a magical rabbit dashed across a piece of discarded cotton. There was something so enchanting about its hand-made nature and playful print, something that caught the eye of founder Roberta Freymann, who spun that spark of inspiration into a well-loved global lifestyle brand.

Since launching with a capsule collection of exotic block print kurtas in 2003, Roberta Roller Rabbit has grown to include everything from ready-to-wear and accessories to tabletop and bedding to a much-loved kids collection. The travel-inspired designs are carried in specialty stores around the world, as well as online and in our sixteen (and counting) Roberta Roller Rabbit boutiques.

But even with such tremendous growth, over a decade later, we are still doing things just as they were done in the beginning. We still make each and every piece by hand in collaboration with artisans in over twenty countries around the world. We still love the effortless sophistication that comes from covering beautiful styles in bold, exciting prints and sun-saturated colors. And we still think that a little imperfect is just the right amount of perfect. 

We believe handmade and well-made are synonymous. It's why we work with artisans and not big manufacturers to hand carve every wood block, stamp every unique block print, and hand sew each stitch, knot, and tassel. Our artisans in over twenty countries around the world are part of a cultural crafting legacy spanning generations. This loving attention to detail is evident in every colorful print and effortless style we make. Learn more and support our global community of artisans at

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